Personal Loan

We provide an online lending system to give you convenient access to CASH for your personal use.

Get a Cash Loan starting from Php 10k and up!

Interest rate 1.5% to 5% with rebate of up to 1.5% (subject to terms & conditions)

  • Eligibility

    Filipino Citizen

    20 - 60 years old

    Salaried or employed for at least 1 year

  • Requirements

    1. Completely filled-out online loan application form

    2. 2 valid IDs

    3. Payslip (3 months latest)

    4. COE (latest)

    5. Bank statement (6 months latest) - checking/savings

    6. Proof of billing (Brgy. Clearance is needed if the place is rented)

    7. PDC

    8. Additional requirements may be required, if necessary

Get access to cash when you need it. Make the Right Choice now!

  • Get access to CASH

    Make the RIGHT CHOICE

  • Customizable loan options

    Easy and online loan application

    Track evaluation progress

    Fast approval

    Digitized funds disbursement

    Dedicated Account Executive

  • Outstanding Client Relationship

  • Fast and Secured Loan Processing

  • Hassle-free and Reliable Process

How to Apply for Personal Loan?

  • Step 1: Download the App on Your Mobile

  • Step 2: Create RCF Wallet Account and Get Verified

  • Step 3: Select Your Loan (Salary Loan)

  • Step 4: Upload Your Requirements to the App

  • Step 5: Wait for Loan Approval

  • Step 6: Receive Funds in Your RCF Wallet

Make the Right Choice today!

Download the RCF Wallet App Now and Start Your Loan Application with us!